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Get quick dishwasher repair assistance through a trusted Palm Harbor local appliance repair team.

Holding true certification and full coverage, our crew are prepared to take full responsibility for making your repair a success.

The main reason so many clients come to us and stick around is because we provide effective repairs for fair prices. We achieve this by not marking up parts, charging travel fees or throwing in any other funny expenses to your bill. When a client gets a repair from us, they are really just paying for parts and labor - those that reject the repair after diagnosing their unit can pay a small fee for the service call instead.

We are well connected with multiple sources for appliance parts in the Palm Harbor FL area. Not only do we pass the same price along that we receive, but we also forward any special discounts that we might receive. Your cost for parts will not be overpriced whatsoever.

We can work on all dishwasher brands which includes various styles of commercial dishwasher units. We have major experience working on heavy duty dishwashing machines in larger restaurant kitchens, schools and similar areas. Whether you have an urgent repair that needs to be done or you just want your machines serviced, we can certainly help.

Firstly, book us in so we can come take a look at your dishwasher. Our technician will identify any faulty parts and give you an estimate for the cost of replacing them. From there, you can decide whether we are going to continue with the repair or call it quits. If you do get the repair, also don't forget to use our online coupon to save more!

Ready to get your diagnosis started? Call (727) 312-1477 to book in a dishwasher repair expert.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Dishwasher problems can hit us all and it's never fun reverting back to sink-washing. When an issue occurs, call in the professionals right away. Some dishwasher problems can be diagnosed and fixed without any expert help though. If you notice standing water, for instance, check around for any clogs - such as in the drain or drain hose. If your machine is failing to complete a certain cycle (such as fill or drain), it's usually easy to troubleshoot the problem but completing the repair is best left to a pro, especially when replacing parts.


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