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Complications with your dryer should be dealt with as they arise.

The consequence of evading a necessary repair can sometimes be very pricey. If left ignored, any little problem could indirectly cause greater stress to other internal parts. To prevent needing to replace your dryer, or possibly spending extra on a bigger repair, take care of your issues right away.

We provide emergency dryer repair services to Palm Harbor businesses and citizens. We are capable of being available for the most urgent situations. Our services are often provided to laundromats and property managers in Palm Harbor FL. For same and next day repairs, there is not a better company in town that can step up and service your every need.

Our service begins with an initial call to book in a technician. He or she will call before arriving and will show up on-time. The technician will inspect your dryer after hearing your explanation of the issues you've noticed. After that, you will be given a paper quote showing the expected cost of your parts and our rate for the labor required to install them.

You can decide whether the repair quote works in your favor. If you wish to follow through, we will quickly gather all of the replacement parts that your machine will need and finish the job. If you pass on the repair, we will only bill for your diagnosis and then be on our way.

Our services are quality, reliable and without any shock fees. Our fair prices on all repairs set us apart and our constantly successful repair efforts have solidified our reputation. For anyone seeking dryer repair help in Palm Harbor FL, we've got your back!

Call now ((727) 312-1477) to get your diagnosis appt booked.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Is your dryer slow? If it takes multiple cycles to fully dry even light loads, chances are it's time to replace the unit. However, you might want to consider getting it professionally looked over first as your performance issues might be cheap to fix. However, if it's not a simple fix - and you really do run your dryer multiple times per load - by all means, replace the unit before the issue worsens from here. Even an upgraded used model would be worthwhile and runs much more than a typical repair costs.


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